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Hanjun Guo guohanjun at huawei.com
Thu Nov 12 01:32:22 UTC 2020

Hi Ulf,

Sorry for the late reply, please see my comments inline.

On 2020/11/6 22:37, Ulf Hansson via Linaro-open-discussions wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Nov 2020 at 09:53, Mike Holmes via Linaro-open-discussions
> <linaro-open-discussions at op-lists.linaro.org>  wrote:
>> All
>> Thanks for a good discussion yesterday, Hanjun's Unconre DVFS slides are
>> now attached to the notes at
>> https://collaborate.linaro.org/display/LOD/2020-11-04+Meeting+Meeting+notes
> Just to make sure people know about it...
> For DT based platforms we have recently enabled a generic solution in
> the Linux kernel to support DVFS. From a top level point of view, it
> consists of letting a power-domain provider act as the backend driver
> for changing the performance state (voltage/frequency). The mapping of
> what state to select, is done through OPP tables.
> I am not an expert of ACPI specifications, but perhaps the DT bindings
> can be used as inspiration for what is missing!?

Could you point me to the patches or documentation?


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