[Linaro-open-discussions] Linaro Stratos Call Agenda

Mike Holmes mike.holmes at linaro.org
Mon Nov 9 08:55:54 UTC 2020

Hi All

We have an interesting call this week with input from Huawei, Windriver and
a discussion on the use of Greybus to solve the i2c, SPI and GPIO
virtualization cases.

   - Salil Mehta - discussion on Huawei's interest in the Stratos project
   - Dan Milea, Josh Pincus - OpenAMP App-services topics from  WindRiver
      - A couple of slides on Immediate goals, some research, some results,
      and then immediate next steps
      - Notes from recent presentations here
   - Viresh, Alex Elder, Bill Mills Greybus as a solution  for  I2C, SPI
   and GPIO

Project Stratos Sync
Home page: https://collaborate.linaro.org/display/STR/Stratos+Home
Virtual meeting:  meet.google.com/uak-yrcj-tyd
Thursday, 12 November⋅3:00 – 4:00 pm GMT
Every 2 weeks on Thursday


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