[Asa-dev] Pseudo Static ACPI tables for Qemu Sbsa platform

Graeme Gregory graeme at bisexual.ninja
Thu Jul 30 08:46:30 UTC 2020

On 29/07/2020 21:35, Tanmay Jagdale via Asa-dev wrote:
> Hi Leif, Graeme,
> I have pushed the following branch that adds support for the
> pseudo static approach of modifying the ACPI tables.
> http://git.linaro.org/people/tanmay.jagdale/edk2-platforms.git/log/?h=qemu_sbsa_pseudo_static_v1
> With this we can boot Linux with any number of CPUs and the
> ACPI tables will get configured at runtime based on the CPU
> count.
> I have separated them into 4 commits and a patch with all the
> changes consolidated into one is in the attached file.
> There are a few issues
> 1. We have to pass acpi_apic_instance=2 bootarg to Linux because
>     2 APIC tables are getting created we have to use the 2nd instance
>     which gets created at runtime.
>     I'm working on a fix for this issue.

I think if you just rename the madt.aslc to madt.c this will fix that. 
The aslc extension means that version of the table automatically gets 



> 2. The SSDT table does not have entries for all CPUs and I'm working
>     on updating that table too.
> Can you please review this patchset and see if these changes are
> okay ?
> With Regards,
> Tanmay

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